About us

@Be your happy place is a family run business. Based in West Wales we have the perfect playground for doing what we enjoy the most – being outdoors! From on the top of a mountain or in the sea of the many local beaches, that’s where you’ll have a good chance of finding us!

Almost 4 years ago running became a part of our life. After struggling with PND and seeing and hearing people recommend running as a way to help mental health it was worth a go.  I dusted off my trainers, headed out and managed 3km on my first run! Since then the distances have increased to now regularly running half marathons and even a full marathon in 2019 (see photo below!) Running is now part of everyday life, and weekly meetings with a local running club helps to make sure theres no slipping back into bad habits of not wanting to leave the house and hide from the world!

Marathon Eryri 2019

I soon become fed up of the boring black/grey options for workout clothes and found there was a limited amount of options for something brighter, so I started looking into what it would take to set up a business that is solely based around bright colours and patterns you don’t see in the high street. I researched and spoke to many manufacters and went through many designs until I came up with the final few….. and that’s where ‘#Be Your Happy Place’ was born. 

These leggings are suitable for active wear and lounge wear/casual wear, basically they are perfect for any occasion. Two days after recieving our first shipment I put them straight to the test, for me to sell them as activewear I felt I personally had to test them. The test came in the form of the Cardiff Half Marathon! Throughout the course I had many ‘wow’ comments and other positive comments about the leggings which felt brilliant and showed that there really was  market for something so ‘out there’ I was very pleased that they passed the test with flying colours, the waistband didnt move during the 13.1 miles and there was a much better, fresher feeling afterwards in them than my other leggings I have previously worn. I am now fully converted to these and this particular material blend.

Cardiff Half Marathon 2019

We have since added full activewear to our funky range, we now offer these in full length, capri length, tight shorts, loose shorts, skorts and crossed back bras The back pockets of the actives are the only ones I have EVER been able to fit my huge phone in pluse keys/sweets! Over the last few months we have also added thigh pockets to all of our leggings, tight shorts and skorts, these have been named ‘snack pockets’ by our customers 😂

Past and present range of active designs

Although our athleisure leggings (casuals) have been tested for pretty intense workouts, don’t under estimate their ability for comfort in lounging around the house and general day to day wear. Pair them up with a baggy jumper and boots for a perfect autumn outfit. There are so many ways to wear them, put a photo up on our Facebook and/or instagram to show us how you wear yours!

So whether you choose to wear your @Beyourhappyplace leggings to the gym, for a run, dog walking, general everyday wear or just chilling out and lounging at home, remember to have fun, enjoy the bright and bold colours that bring a smile to your face when you catch glimpse of your reflection or to others that you pass in the street, and most importantly remember to:

                                                                          BE YOU

                                                                          DO YOU

                                                                          FOR YOU


We’d love to keep you updated with our latest news and offers 😎

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We’d love to keep you updated with our latest news and offers 😎

We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.